Jon Driver died suddenly on 28th November 2011. Jon was a wonderful individual; a loving son, husband, father and brother; and an irreplaceable friend and colleague.

This is a place for everyone who knew Jon to share our memories of him and through this to help celebrate his life.

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2 December 2011

from Arpan Mehta

I was deeply upset to hear of the tragic news.  I am a junior doctor, hoping to become an academic neurologist, and met Professor Driver at a lecture that he gave at Caius College, Cambridge, when I was reading Part II Physiology and Psychology (around 2006/7).  My Part II file has the following entry: “inspirational lecture, eloquent, witty, smart [referring to his impeccable appearance], very friendly, relevant [encouraging me to re-read all of his papers in the run up to Finals]”.  I remember him coming to talk to me at the end of the series of talks (in a room full of senior figures, some of whom were Fellows of the Royal Society) and was touched by his kindness and the interest that he took in me as a person, a junior scientist and a soon-to-be clinician.  He took the opportunity to find out how Greg Davis (one of his former PhD students, and one of my essay supervisors) was doing, highlighting both Professor Driver’s astuteness and caring attitude.  He was keen for me to maintain my interests in Visual Neuroscience as I started my clinical studies and offered to help later on.  Reading everyone else’s memories has emphasised the profound impact that he had on everyone, no matter how junior.  I wish I had had the opportunity to meet him again.  My thoughts and prayers are for Professor Lavie, the children, and Professor Driver’s immediate colleagues at this time of sadness and loss.