Jon Driver died suddenly on 28th November 2011. Jon was a wonderful individual; a loving son, husband, father and brother; and an irreplaceable friend and colleague.

This is a place for everyone who knew Jon to share our memories of him and through this to help celebrate his life.

If you would like to add a description of your memories of Jon to this blog please contact with the text you would like posted. We welcome any contribution, from short snippets to longer pieces. Please bear in mind this is a place to remember Jon and to help celebrate his life.

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2 December 2011

from Benjamin de Haas

When I think of Jon, I first of all think of his amazing speed of thought. Jon was able to analyse (and improve) experimental designs in about 10 seconds. What first seemed intimidating, turned out to be tremendously helpful - I am deeply grateful, impressed and honoured by the amount of time Jon invested in one-on-one discussions with me as his student. I always felt he took seriously what I had to say, despite the enormous gap in knowledge, experience and speed(!) between us. Thank you Jon!  

Still my favourite memories of Jon are a little different. One is how supportive he was after our twins were born - 'Time off for babies is not a problem, it's an essential!' were particularly encouraging words of his. Another favourite is when he was busy interviewing and I needed to grab some books from his shelve. Jon not only allowed me to enter his office and take what I needed. He also invited me to play his Fender Jazz bass, famously living next to the 500W amp in his office!